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Midnight, 11x14, watercolour

Lake house commission

Autumn Street, 16x20, oil

Corner house, 9x12, oil

Legion at Sunset, 12x16, oil

Untitled, 5x7, oil

Burell Grocery, 5.5x8, watercolour

Nelson Courthouse, 5.5x8, watercolour

Nelson Firehall, 5.5x8, watercolour

Empire Coffee, 5.5x8, watercolour

Nelson Street sketch 1, 6x8, watercolour

Nelson Street Sketch 2, 6x8, watercolour

The Old Bridge, 6x8, watercolour

Nelson Alley 4, 5x8, Watercolour

Nelson Alley 3, 5.5x8, watercolour

Nelson Alley 2, 5.5x8, watercolour

Nelson Alley 1, 5.5x8, watercolour

"Tattoo Shop, Closed, Cash Only" 5.5x8, watercolour

Allum Wall, 7.5x11, watercolour

Porco in Lakeside Park, 9x12, oil on panel

Geese in Lakeside Park, 9x12, oil on panel

Paintings of Nelson, BC

Fortune Cookie, 9x12, oil

The Peak newspaper illustration

Paintings late 2018